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What is a smart warehouse?

A smart warehouse is a large building in which raw maetrials and manufactured goods are stored that uses machines, computers, internet of things etc. to complete common warehouse operations previously performed by humans. Smart warehouses are inspired by a data driven enviornment. They incorporate various automated and interconnected technologies to create a technological environment in which goods and requests can be received, sorted, organized, recognized and prepped for shipment automatically.

Why should I go with smart warehouse?

Smart warehousing boasts a wide range of advantages for companies looking to store and distribute products, among these:

  • Enables faster turn around time - Smart warehouses provide companies with real-time visibility, enabling the optimization of processes and the ability to make instantaneous changes to improve operation speed, thus reducing the time and money.
  • Accuracy of inventory management - Since smart warehouses are driven by IoT, accuracy in inventory management grows. The data visibility afforded by smart warehouse systems allows for this while also helping to decrease out-of-stock conditions, improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction, thus growing customer and brand loyalty.
  • Improved scalability - The more your operations are automated the easier it is to expand operations to accommodate growth. Making adjustments to your technology is relatively quick compared to modifying your human capital, and less costly as well—for instance, you wouldn’t need to hire additional employees to meet an increase in operational requirements.
  • Increases adaptability - The more forward-thinking warehouses are in terms of technology and space utilization the faster they can adapt to demand shifts and process changes. Customers will increasingly be less willing to work with warehouses that are entrenched in their ways. Having a smart warehouse demonstrates your ability—and willingness—to adjust operations in response to changing demands.
  • Improves labour efficiency - A bigger benefit to smart warehousing is adding more value to the work your employees are currently doing. If things are moving more efficiently, people are able to do more work in the time they have. And with more of the manual tasks being automated, your employees will also able to shift their focus to more high-value tasks, optimizing your current workforce.

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