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What is a private warehouse?

A private warehouse is a warehouse that is privately owned by wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers. Large retail and online marketplaces also have their own privately-owned warehouses.

Why should I go with private warehouse?

Private warehousing boasts a wide range of advantages for companies looking to store and distribute products, among these:

  • Better Monitoring Systems - Private warehousing offers better monitoring systems over the handling and storageof products as required by the management from time to time which would enhancethe performance of the warehouse.
  • Error free handling - in the case of private warehousing since thecompany’s products are handled by its own employees who are able to identify theproducts of their own company
  • Availability - Private warehousing is the best choice for some of the locations and the products handled because of the non-availability of other warehoused at all the locations
  • Efficient use of human resources - efficient use of human resources in warehouse operation improves end users’ overall performance
  • Free from the obligation of getting purchased - As it is a private warehouse it can be owned by single manufacturing units hence they can decide to rent the warehouse and pay rent instead of buying which may a little bit expensive for the manufacturing company

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