Hazmat warehouse

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What is a hazmat warehouse?

HAZMAT storage refers to the storage of controlled chemicals and other hazardous materials. When done in accordance with proper safety measures, it reduces the risk of a potential safety incident, shelter employees from exposure should an accident occur and ensures seperation between chemicals that may interact with each other to produce a hazardous reaction

Why should I go with hazmat warehouse?

Hazmat warehousing boasts a wide range of advantages for companies looking to store and distribute products, among these:

  • Unerstanding the compatibility of chemicals you are storing - Even though substances are stored separately, you must consider the possibility that they could interact if there was a leak or spill.Understanding the properties of the chemicals you’re storing is the only way you can determine potentially incompatible substances
  • Type of warehouse/storage facility you choose matters - Ideally, hazardous chemical containers should be stored at a convenient height for handling. High shelving increases the risk of drops or spills. Choosing appropriate shelving for the volume of chemicals being stored is also a key criterion to be looked upon
  • Storage containers must be clearly labelled - No matter what you’re storing or the type of storage system you’re using, safety signage is crucial. Every chemical should be properly (and clearly) labeled so it can be easily identified. This is especially important in an emergency, when time is of the essence. Storage areas should also be appropriately labeled to communicate that hazardous chemicals are inside
  • Not everyone should be given access to the storage area - Not every employee needs access to the chemical storage area. Greater access means a greater risk of an incident taking place, so it’s best to keep storage areas locked and restrict access only to those who require it to carry out their job functions.
  • Flammable materials require additional care - When storing chemicals that are both hazardous and flammable, it’s incredibly important that you minimize the risk of a fire, explosion, or spill. These chemicals should be stores in closed containers and kept separate from sources of ignition and other dangerous substances
  • You must have a containment system - Containment systems play an important role in hazardous chemical storage: they contain any leaks or spills to prevent damage or injury
  • You must follow the international building code (IBC) to regulate the quantity to be stored - The International Building Code (IBC) specifies a maximum allowable quantity (MAQ) for flammable and combustible liquids.

The MAQ depends on the class of the stored materials:

  • Class II Combustible Liquid: 120 Gallons
  • Class IIIA Combustible Liquid: 330 Gallons
  • Class IIIB Combustible Liquid: 13,200 Gallons
  • Class IA Flammable Liquid: 30 Gallons
  • Class IB or IC Flammable Liquid: 120 Gallons
  • Combination Flammable Liquid: 120 Gallons

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