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What is a public warehouse?

A public warehouse is commercial inventory space owned by a third-party business and rented to other companies for storage and distribution. Public warehouses offer short-term and long-term storage, and charge based on the amount of goods (usually measured in square footage), the duration stored, and any other services provided—such as rebranding and repalletizing for inbound and outbound shipments

Why should I go with a public warehouse?

Public warehousing boasts a wide range of advantages for companies looking to store and distribute products, these are:

  • Cost Savings - Enlisting public warehousing services saves time, money, and resources—enabling you to reduce infrastructure, preserve profit margins, and improve efficiencies the longer you store your inventories
  • Flexibility - Store your goods for several weeks or years, typically on a month-to-month basis, with a centralized hub enabling you to maximize productivity and strategize the most effective distribution and logistics plans
  • Security - Public warehousing facilities keep your products safe and secure for the duration of their stay—additionally providing that all-important peace of mind
  • Convenience - Selecting a public warehouse most aligned with your geographical distribution needs and customer base cuts down on transportation costs while facilitating faster, smoother administration and order fulfillment
  • Organization - Associated services such as inventory and logistical support helps keep track of your goods and streamlines the intake and delivery process, better positioning you for success in achieving your goals

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