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What is a distribution center?

A distribution center is defined as a specified place in a building or a warehouse which is stocked with the goods or products that are to be distributed to the resellers or the wholesalers or in some cases disrectly to the end customers. The distribution center is often accompanied by air conditioning or refrigeration system, depending on the nature of the product to preserve the stocked goods intact. These demand centers are often considered as the foundation of supply network because a single location is allowed to have a huge stock of multiple products.

Why should I go with distribution center?

distribution centers are best suited for e-commerce industry. Here are some of the key benefits of using a distribution center rather than having a dedicated storage

  • Time and cost saving - The distribution centers are specialized centers in their performance and their operations, which is why they are lower in cost to maintain by the organization. Apart from saving cost, distribution centers also save time by increasing efficiency in the operations and making a delivery is much faster
  • Retailers can buy the products in samll quantities - Buying the entire bulk from the manufacturing facility will be too costly as well as very cumbersome for the retailers who are why breaking up in smaller bulks helps the retailers to sell the individual products to the customers
  • Financial support - The retailers or resellers because of their bulk breaking make payment options easier for their customers, and the customers themselves can buy a single product.
  • Valuable information from resellers - Resellers provide important information which is used to improve the product and in turn increase the sale of the product because resellers are the one who is in direct contact with the customers and the feedback is passed via them to the organization, and the organizations can take a feedback from the customers it is not possible to reach, each and every customer which is why having a distribution centre plays an important role

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