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What is a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse tightly regulated by customs, where imported goods that are intended for export can be stored in a particular country without actually entering its local market. The practice typically referred to as bonded warehousing means businesses dont have to pay any import duty & VAT , so while products are in the bonded warehouse , its effectively a duty free zone.

Why should I go with bonded warehouse?

Bonded warehousing boasts a wide range of advantages for companies looking to store and distribute products, among these:

  • Improved cash flow - Putting off the payment of duty until goods have been purchased can have a positive impact on cash flow. With bonded warehousing, all goods are classed as duty suspended, which avoids advance duty payment on products that may remain in stock for months
  • No import duty if you are exporting the goods - Keeping your goods in a bonded warehouse means you won’t have to pay any import-duty on products you export, saving both time and money. This means a business can avoid paying duty twice, providing typical savings of around 25-30%
  • Port centric logistics - Most bonded warehouses are located at or very close to ports, which means you can store your goods at the port of entry and distribute them as and when required.This reduces costs across the entire supply chain thanks to reduced lead times, reduced potential for damage, significant savings in transport costs and lower carbon emissions.

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